KTDev Laboratory

Research and development

About us

KTDev was founded in february 2009. It is a concept based in Belgium. The different poles of knowledge are mainly the development of applications (desktop, web and mobile) and the systems administration. This laboratory is the outpost of KTDev, it is here that we develop and improve our products.

For more information, visit www.ktdev.pro

Thanks to Claudia Soraya on Unsplash for the tunnel photography. unsplash-logoClaudia Soraya

Manage your favorites online with your browser

Easily store, classify and manage your favorite links independently of your operating system and browser.

KT-Start is developed in Php and does not require any database to run.

Kongen is a system for publishing blog articles.

Although its development is well advanced at present, it is not yet finalized.

Need to save snippets, notes and other texts ?
Need to have them on hand quickly ?

So Code(s) is the tool for you. Its development has entered the pre-release phase. His public release is iminente

We develop internal tools that allow us to develop applications with a high level of reliability and security.
These tools are not yet available to the public, but it may be different in the future.